TheFaceShop adheres to its philosophy of "Natural Story".
The brand uses only the finest natural ingredients and the latest technology
for its extensive line of skincare and makeup products for men and women.

No.1 best selling Brand.
This brand carries the youth and beauty to worldwide for women's dream.
Its designed to reflect the dream every woman has,
that is to be a princess,and gives chances to express their own unique style.

Nobody can stay indifferent after using high-quality products of MISSHA cosmetics.
Cause of using only natural ingredients and highly-developed
technologies while producing these cosmetics,
MISSHA products are able to make you look younger and beautiful.

It's skin made by dermatologist of Seoul University.
The brand concept is that "It recovers the natural powder of the skin",
and this is the cosmetics developed to create ideal skin
by studying many kinds of skin troubles and flaws.

MIZON started with renowned Korean cosmetics company employers.
By having their own cosmetics manufacture company,we develop high-quality
cosmetics and try to satisfy their customers with rational cost and great quality.
They listen to their customer's feedback constantly in order to improve their products.
Exorbitant green moisturizing gel cream and other products are already famous on communities.

New cosmetic brand of "Enprani" which is traditional Korean cosmetic company.
"Holika Holika" magic word getting your wish which you want to be beautiful.
Holika Holika whenever when you want to change specially.
It finds you hidden attractions that you didnt't know before.
It tries to be the beauty magician to present real beauty.

Innisfree, the pure island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist in harmony.
innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits ofnature from the pristine
island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly
green life to preserve the balance of nature.

Sulhwasoo is the original hanbang(Korean herb medicine) cosmetic brand that provides
high-quality products from Amore Pacific also known as one of the largest
cosmetic brand in Korea. For women who have rough skin with advancing years,
Sulhwasoo makes their skin feel luxuriously soft and bright like a snowflake.
Yeunjo essence is one of the popular products of Sulwhasoo.
Nature Republic is one of the leading and fastest-growing global cosmetics brand.
Using natural ingredients originating from different countries, and able to produce
distinctive,quality products that are focused on the nature and the environment around us.
Not only does brand provide quality and value,endeavor to introduce
a new dimension beauty products by focusing on the abilities of natural ingredients.
Products of MEDIHEAL for clean and healthy beauty skin are advised
by primary care physicians. MEDIHEAL a beauty brand produces skin care,
makeup,curative,and stress revealing cosmetics products. MEDIHEAL provides products
for problem and damaged skin care, for nutrition and skin recovery.